2019-2016: Indigenous Knowledge Sharing Project with Tibetans
Project Lead

2019-2002: Ballroom Blitz Jazz Big Band

2019-2013: Ginger Garden

2019-2013: Green Chinatown Montreal
Coordinator Chinatown Montreal

2019-2010: PROJECT LEAD

2017-2011: Stroboscopica

Composer, player, organizer and promotor of performances and international and national touring as saxophone player in bands. Researcher, composer, organizer and recording of 40 original music scores for documentaries and fiction films such as:

  • 2014 Being Chinese in Quebec, Production Multi-Monde
  • 2012 Tibet, Home of the Brave, Production Multi-Monde
  • 2010 Gambling Boys, documentary, Eyesteel Film
  • 2008 Living the Language, Paul Rickard, documentary, Muskeg Production
  • 2007 In the Line of Fire: Louise Arbour`s fight for human rights, Ole Gjerstad, CBC
  • 2006 The Girl Who Hated Books, Jo Meuris, animation, NFB
  • 2005 Chinese Restaurants, Cheuk Kwan, 15 episodes
  • 2003 Watermarks, Anne Henderson nominated ”Best Documentary” Toronto Hot Docs Festival
  • 2001 Made in China, Karin Lee, Vision TV, Winner of Gemini « Canada Award » nominated for the « Golden Sheaf Award » Yorkton Film & Video Festival

Janet Lumb_Film Music 2016

    2015-2014: Rencontres/Encounters Theatre Project
    Project Manager, Concordia University Encounters,


  • Presenter, producer and promoter of arts organization;
  • Researcher and engagement of new, emerging and established artists;
  • Providing information and support of procedures, resources and diversified financial programs to artists, artists groups and organizations;
  • Developping networks of resources and sensitizing communities, universities and schools;
  • Supervising networking, informationa technology, marketing, website and social media;
  • Facilitating meetings and conflict resolutions;
  • Developping mandate, vision,infrastructures and resources of the organization;
  • Developping ethnical, governmances, regulations,, poltitics, budgets, protocols and procedure of the organization;
  • Researcher, writer and reporter of public and private funding resources;
  • Solliciter, developper, planner and implementation of research campaigns, donors and sponsorships;
  • Negociator with partners,of contracts and resources;
  • Initiator and installer of programming, projects, events and strategic plans


  • Presented close to 700 artists to a total public of over 100 000 spectators while supervising a team of 50 volunteers annually;
  • Conceived,realized et implemented non-profit status and organization and the Festival`s succession;
  • Created a credible reputation of a multidisciplinary panasian arts festival across Canada;
  • Accès Asie est the longest running Asian Heritage Month festival in Canada
  • Created a database and on line portal of a cultural information sharing,

2014-2013: EDUCATOR

2013: Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library at U of T

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